To mark World Brain Tumor Day, we take a look at how the Apertus journal is helping to accelerate the public dissemination of brain tumor-related research, with the full support and cooperation of authors, editors and reviewers.
In 2020, the world came to a standstill – but research was gathering momentum. At a time when the importance of being open about research became a necessity, we made it easier for important research to be rapidly reviewed and openly made available to every researcher.
As all content published in Apertus journals is open to the public, we can publish research on the World Wide Web at any time and maximize its visibility in this way.
The exemption from charges for research and review articles on brain tumors and their treatments accelerates publication and provides equal opportunities for academics with limited access to grant funding.
Only with the full support of authors, reviewers and publishers will we be able to accelerate the dissemination of science for the benefit of society.
To have a societal impact, scholarly publishing must be a comprehensive and collaborative effort.
We are committed to continuing to push the boundaries of accessibility in research to foster a more equitable scholarly world for all.

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