Review Editors forum is an essential part of our review process and serves as a trusted network of experts who have agreed to receive regular invitations to review according to their expertise at least 5-10 manuscripts per year, depending on the journal and its availability.
The main task of the reviewer is to confirm the validity and accuracy of the publications and helping authors improve the quality of their manuscripts and the way research is communicated. – Join as Reviewer

Your Responsibilities as a Reviewer

Confidentiality and Anonymity: Ensure the confidentiality of all manuscript files and review reports. These should be shared only with the authors and the publisher of the manuscript in the review forum. The review report may not be published on other websites or in other third-party societies.

Identifying Potential Major Defects: Ensure that the investigations and studies have been carried out properly, taking into account appropriate ethical considerations and that the conclusions are based on sound and logical interpretation.

Timely Review Reports: Ensure that the review is carried out in a timely manner by completing their assignment as soon as possible and immediately informing the editor and editorial office of any anticipated delays.

Benefits of Being Apertus Reviewers
• Get a customized reviewer certificate.
• Name will be included in the annual recognition of the journal, which is published on the last day of the year without mentioning the articles you have reviewed.
• You will be provided with a promotional code that will entitle you to a discount on future publication fees in any Apertus Journals. The promotional code will be sent to your email address after a successful review process and can be used online at the time of submitting your article or at any time after acceptance. If your article rejected during the review process the promotional code can reuse once again.

Invitation to Join Apertus Volunteer Reviewer Board
If you are interested in reviewing articles for one or more of our journals, please register your contact details, including your ORCID ID, academic affiliation, a summary of your experience and 5-6 keywords of your research interest.