Insectia: Journal of Entomology invites applications for Review Board members. The journal trusts reviewers to maintain high standards of peer-review process. In addition to the work of Editorial Board members, Review Board members will help to ensure that the journal will respond quickly to all submissions received for the journals.

With the journal’s expansion, there is a significant expansion in research areas for the articles being submitted. Members of the review board will have research interests that will support this ongoing growth.

Composition and Operation

The Review Board is a flexible way for one to take part in the journal’s continued success and does not require the same time commitment as a member of the Editorial Board. It is open to both junior and senior researchers with a Ph.D. in a field covered by the journal or with equivalent experience in a relevant subject area.

The applicants must be able to prove that they have been published in a peer-reviewed journal and must also prove that they have been peer-reviewed.

The Review Team will be a group of reviewers willing to commit to reviewing 4-6 articles per year for the journal.

We’re looking for 10-15 members for each classification. The applicants who will be will be part of the Board for three years.

The Review Board differs from the journal’s Editorial Board in that the editorial board has a significant role in evaluating and guiding the journal’s present and future objectives, while the members of the Review Board will have a more limited role in evaluating the individual articles submitted to the academic journal. The Review Board will therefore not have direct discussions but will be a “virtual” entity.

Terms and Conditions

  • Review Board is associated with the journal for three years from the day of application.
  • As Review Board Members can submit their article for free for the first year, then published theirs at reduced publication charges to half.

    To submit an application

    If you wish to apply for the review board, please send the filled-in form by e-mail to  Managing Editor at Apertus Group Publishing Limited at