Insight of Psychiatric Research aims to cover all areas of psychiatry and mental health, including but not limited to:

  • All psychological disorders related to mental health and normal behavior due to biochemical, physiological, patrimonial, environmental, social and epidemiological factors.
  • Clinical psychiatric studies in areas such as neuropsychopharmacology, experimental and Pharmaco psychology, genetics, experimental psychology.
  • Continued use of advanced clinical laboratory techniques in psychiatry, such as brain imaging and spectroscopy, molecular biology and computational techniques.
  • Prevention and Community issue on LGBT Mental Health Issues, domestic violence on women and child including in schools, homes, clinics, the workplace, the neighborhood, human service organization.

The journal maintains transparency and extends the illustrations with the new manuscripts that are subject to the peer-review process (the author can opt whether to go open review system or blind review system) would be published with no delay in a subsequent issue after acceptance. Read Author Instructional Page for more details.