Insectia:  Journals of Entomology is new open access journal examines all aspects of the traditional study of insects, including anatomy and physiology; insect ecology and pattern of evolution; insect behavior, including sociability, predation, parasitism, defense; medical and veterinary entomology; and methods of collecting, preserving, and identifying insects.

Insectia aim to publish to promote the results of basic and applied research, reviews, and new publications for the advancement and dissemination of a wide range of fields related to applied entomology and zoology.

Insectia:  Journals of Entomology includes expanded sections on species diversity, insect symbiosis, pest management, aquatic entomology, parasitology and medical entomology and with all aspects of entomology and has no geographical limits.

  • Species diversity:
  • Insect symbiosis
  • Insect Pest Management
  • Insect Ecology
  • Plant Resistance to Insects
  • Pollinator Health
  • Parasitology studies in insects

Transparency will be maintained and new manuscripts will be published in the next issue of the journal after acceptance, after peer review (authors may choose to use open or blind review), and illustrations will be extended without delay.