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The true cost of publishing in established journals is much higher, including costs associated with quality peer review, plagiarism and image processing, editing of text and figures, typesetting, hosting, dissemination and online archiving. All content will be provided with unrestricted online access immediately upon publication and is distributed under a Creative Commons license from CC-BY.

We set Author Processing Charges based on the following criteria:

  • Type of articles
  • Quality of journals
  • Competitiveness aspects
  • The editorial and technical processes of the journal
  • Other revenue streams related to the journal
Journal Class I Class II Class III Class IV
Insectia: Journal of Entomology £ 719 £ 619 £ 519 Free
Apertus Journal of Clinical Case Reports £ 619 £ 519 £ 419 Free
Insight of Psychiatric Research £ 729 £ 629 £ 529 Free
Annals of Biomedical Studies £ 819 £ 719 £ 619 Free

Class-I Articles: Original Research, Review, Systematic Review, Study Protocol, Technology and Code

Class-II Articles: Case Report, Case Study, Conceptual Analysis, Curriculum Instruction, Mini Review, Perspective, Policy Brief

Class-III Articles: Data Report, Short Communication, Commentary, Opinion articles

Class-IV Articles: Book Review, Editorial, Letter of Editor, Correction, Editorial, New Discovery, Specialty Grand Challenge

Waiver to Low-Income Countries:

We do not want our fees to become an insurmountable obstacle, and Apertus Journals is always eager to consider solutions for any barriers to publication. In cases where authors do not have the means to pay our publishing fees, they will be able to apply for a waiver depending on the financial capability of the corresponding author of the paper. While priority is given to lower-income countries, we are able to grant at least partial waivers in most cases.

Authors Benefits Program

We offer real benefits to our authors or new researcher as a way of thanking you for your trust in us. We also want to help and make publishing as easy as possible for you. If you have any questions about the author’s benefits program, please contact us.

Members of our Author Benefits Program receive:

  • Fast-track processing of papers
  • Rapid delivery of a PDF of your paper for your personal use
  • Low publication charges for Low income countries

We use the World Bank Country Classification table to identify:

Low Income: Resident authors of these countries may apply for an exemption of up to 60% of standard processing fees

Lower Middle Income: Resident authors of these countries may apply for an exemption of up to 50% of standard processing fees

Upper Middle Income: Resident authors of these countries may apply for an exemption up to 40% of the standard processing fee

These benefits start from the time you join our Author Benefit program and will apply to all papers you send after this point. If you are interested, then write to us.

Terms and Condition

If you want to avail AB Program: First, the second and corresponding author should be residents of the countries in the given list.

– Apertus Journals